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Store Policies

Items that are ready for purchase will supply a link that opens a new window to the storefront where you will be able to make your secure purchase.  If you find that a link is broken or expired, please contact me through the email link provided either here or at Etsy and I will locate the item for you. 
Orders are placed via correspondence.  If the item needs to be made up, please press the "REQUEST"  link provided.   A new window will open with the contact form.  Simply copy and paste the item's catalog number and description to the form as well as the quantity and size desired.  Once the contact form is open, you do not need to press "request" for each additional item.  You may leave the contact window open adding items to it as necessary.  When you are done shopping, you may feel free to ask any additional questions on your request form before you send it off. 


I do not accept personal checks, except by referral from a current customer in good standing, i.e. my discretion.

It is preferred that you make your purchases at the Etsy marketplace, though not required.  Once your order is complete, I will send to you an email with a link to your reservation there.  You must sign up to buy, which involves only assigning yourself a user name and confirming an email address.  This costs nothing and simply improves your Etsy experience.  Having an Etsy account is the easiest way to manage your payment.

I am also able to accept your credit card if you prefer not to create an account with Etsy.  You must either call or email me with the credit card information.  I can take your numbers at any time, however, payment is not processed until your order is ready to ship.  You will be notified when your card is charged.
Payment must be processed within 3 days of ordering.  Payment is accepted directly via credit card through Etsy Checkout or transmitted through Pay Pal.  All forms of payment are accepted through PayPal including eCheck.   An eCheck takes about 4 days to clear.  Pay Pal recommends that orders not be shipped until the check has cleared through Pay Pal.
Cashier's checks and money orders are also certainly accepted.  If you choose to send a money order directly to Grandma's Girl, you must advise me that this is how you plan on paying AT THE TIME YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER, because it will take longer than three days for that type of payment to be received.
You are responsible for declaring any sales and use tax for your state.

RUSH orders are subject to a 25% surcharge.

If you have made a purchase, including completed checkout and payment, but asked for a different size, color, or other alteration, your order will be treated as a custom order and placed on a list to be addressed in order of receipt.  SEE POLICIES FOR CUSTOM ORDERS.

Prices are subject to change without notice.


Lighter orders are sent regular first class mail.  Delivery confirmation is required for all smaller purchases.  Larger purchases require insurance.  I would very much like to know if you received everything in good condition.  It is important to me that you received what you expected.

You will be notified when your item has shipped and you will receive a confirmation number that you can use to track your package at Track and Confirm.  Once your order is placed with the Post Office, I cannot be responsible for what happens to it.  Any issues concerning damage or loss which occurs in the shipping process, you and I will then take up with the post office. 

CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE OF THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES OF AMERICA:   If you do not see a shipping price listed for your location, you may contact me to see if I can get you a better price than the "everywhere else" option. 

All in stock orders (those that are not listed as "available for custom order" should be sent within 2 business days of my RECEIVING PAYMENT.  If something happens that makes that impossible on my part, I will notify you of any delays as soon as possible.  Pay Pal accepts checks, but it takes about 4 days for that payment to clear with them.  I will let you know when that happens and send you a note as to when the order was shipped.

Most custom orders do not require a down payment or payment in advance.  The only time a down payment would be required is if what you are requesting has very personal and specific references to it, something I would not be able to sell should some circumstance interfere with the completion of the transaction.  Otherwise, I do not really want you to pay for your order before you see it.   If I make it and you don't like it, I don't want you to worry about it.  I will find something to do with it and we can try it again if you wish.   But if you pay ahead and then you don't like it, we will just be upset with one another.  Most of these custom orders are made and shipped fairly quickly.  I will give you a time frame.

No returns or refunds on items damaged or lost in shipping.  Please see above for shipping policies.  So far, customers are receiving their orders promptly.  They are leaving feedback that indicates that I send the order very quickly.  I wish to maintain this reputation and I do not withhold someone's order after they've paid for it.

Absolutely no refunds or returns will be allowed more than 30 days after your order has been shipped.

All items to be considered for return must be in their original condition. Absolutely no refunds or returns if the item is altered, stained, worn, laundered, has had odors transferred to it, such as cigarette smoke or perfume, and so forth, or if bodily fluids have been released in the item.


Exchanges will be made upon receipt of the undamaged item(s) as stated above.  If you are exchanging for a sizing issue, you may be charged for the price difference of a larger size, or refunded the difference in price of a smaller size.

Not what you expected?  Item doesn't fit?  Please
contact me
so that we can discuss the problem and decide what to do.  I work hard to achieve an amicable resolution.

I do not reimburse shipping on returns except if it is a workmanship issue or if I have misrepresented the sizing of the item in the listing.    Only the cost of the item or a replacement will be returned upon my receipt of an item in good condition.

I find that the most enjoyable and peaceful way to live is being absolutely respectful, kind, and polite to everyone.  Truth is not offensive to me, although it may sting a little at first.  Whether or not any of us believe we need a Savior, there are few of us who would believe that any human being is perfect.  I do not intend to sell items with popped seams, loose threads, or shredded hems.  But I may overlook this and will need to be told.  I will not be angry if you tell me my work was not perfect.  We must always be honest in our dealings with one another so that we may make corrections and improve.

It is not required that any of us leave feedback for each other.  It is, however, appreciated.  Feedback allows customers to decide who they would like to do business with.  Once you have paid, your part has been satisfied and you should expect positive feedback immediately.  For my part, I would like to be able to resolve issues before negativity is aired.   Kindly speak to me first regarding your concerns.


I cannot be responsible if items that I sell are not properly used.   People must see to theirs and their own child's safety (just as I must see to my own safety and to the safety of my own children).  No one could possibly list all of the dont's that would be required to completely protect a person.  Man has come up with an infinite variety of ways to inflict injury on himself and others.  We must each be responsible for behaving in a safe way, a way that was taught to us by parents, guardians and teachers.   We must each be informed.  If you are not certain about the safety of a product, DO NOT USE IT.  I believe the products to be safe; have used them safely myself, but I always check to make sure everything is where it should be and in the condition it should be in before I use it.  All people should do the same just as any parent would before using anything for themselves or their children.  I understand that we are all pretty busy, but this requires diligence, on top of all of the other things that we have to think about.